Ellipsis by allen ‘cerberus’ chiu

Designed, Cut, and Sewn in the USA

Our boxes are handcrafted in Syracuse, New York
by World-Renowned master craftsman, Noah Hausknecht

Hausknecht constructs each box from solid maple wood,
dyed to a deep ash grey and sealed from above with a single sheet of cold rolled steel



Ellipsis SS16

Allen Chiu

The provocative Taiwanese designer, Allen "Cerberus" Chiu, abandons all convention and lives in a world of no shame. His debut lingerie line, Ellipsis, embodies the duality of sophistication and feminine detail balanced with masculine tailoring.

“I've always gravitated towards the architecture of lingerie because it's so intricate yet simple. A quality piece can change the feel of an outfit and even how a woman carries herself. She can wear confidence from inside in a professional setting, or slip into weekend comfort with a softer piece.”



North America



  • New York

    42 Broadway
    New York, NY 10004

  • Rome

    Via Filippo Turati, 45,
    00185 Roma, Italy

  • Taipei

    Keelung Road, #52 1F, Xinyi District
    Taipei, Taiwan 110